PH PFM Reforms shared with Government of Bangladesh

The Government of Bangladesh received a glimpse of the Public Financial Management reform initiatives in the Philippines as part of the Study Tour Program for Officials of DPE, MoPME (Government of Bangladesh) on Primary Education Reforms and Public Financial Management held at the Department of Education Central Office, Pasig City on October 12 and November 23, 2015.

PFM Project Unit Team Leader Mr. Aldrin Aquino pointed out the need to integrate the different financial management systems in all agencies. Initiatives done leading to the integration includes the establishment of a common classification of codes, or as referred to in the Philippines, the Unified Accounts Code and Structures; the establishment of a good cash management system or the Treasury Single Account (TSA); a Performance-Informed Budgeting, and an integrated financial management information system, which now is coming in the form of a Budget and Treasury Management System.

During the first run of the study tour program held on October 12, 2015 Deputy Secretary Nesar Ahmed of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MoPME) shared that the Government of Bangladesh had also developed a Treasury Single Account and explained how it worked well in their country. Likewise, Resident Auditor Gourga Chandra Debrath of the National Academy for Primary Education (NAPE) of the Government of Bangladesh during the second run of the study tour on Nov 23, 2015, commented that their government also share the same need for reforms and was doing similar initiatives like creating common classification system for all financial management structure.

“We’ve seen similarities between our sides which go down to the need of having an integrated financial management to deliver single source of information towards transparency, accountability and good governance,” said Aquino, PFM Project Unit Team Leader and one of the speakers of the program.

NAPE Deputy Secretary MD Haidar Ali also shared that their main goal in this study tour is to be able to adapt and share best practices on PFM reforms, especially those which have great impact on the educational system.

This program, participated by Bangladeshi officials from Primary and Mass Education, was initiated by the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) led by Professor Dr. G. Kulanthaivel with the aim to know how the education system in Philippines works and assist in the development of new curriculum based from the experiences of the PFM reforms.